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Frequently Asked Questions


You can either drop off your containers and use the kiosk at the Bottle Depot to print labels for your bags or you can request a pick up through our App.

  1. Drop Off
    • Register on our app or online and find the closest depot express drop off location to you.
    • Next, just tag your bags at our automated kiosk and drop them in the designated area.
    • That’s it. Once the Bottle Depot has counted your containers, you will be notified and your refund will show on your account.
  2. Pick Up
    • Register on our app or online.
    • Request a pick up and add any notes for the driver.
    • Get real time notifications of when the driver is on the way, when your containers have been picked up, when your containers have been counted, and when we’ve credited your account.
    • That’s it. Once your containers have been counted, you will be notified and your refund will show on your account.
  3. Fundraising/Charity Organizations
    • If you are a charity or fundraising organization, we can help you raise funds. Simply request a bottle drive and spread the word of your organization through social media, flyers, and community word of mouth. All Depot Express customers in your area can now donate to your cause.

Create an account either on our website or on our app. We offer two convenient options.

  1. Drop Off
    • Use the website or app to find the nearest drop off location to you. Once at the drop off location, simply tag your bags with the automated kiosk and drop them in the designated area.
  2. Pick Up
    • Use the website or app to schedule a pickup date. Specify the number of bags and any relevant notes to help our driver locate your bags. (Example: call this number when you arrive, bags are alongside the side of the house, etc.)

On your pick up date, place your bags outside for pickup. Once your empties are counted, we will credit your account with your refund.

You can schedule a pickup and request an interac e-transfer 24 hours a day. When dropping off containers, please check the drop off location hours on their website. For pickups, please check the app for pick up hours.

Yes, we have several drop off locations within Bottle Depots. Please login to your account to see the closest drop off location to you. You can then can print labels through the kiosk and drop your labeled bags in the designated area.

First, check your spam / junk mail folder. We are just starting out and mail services don’t know who we are yet. If it’s not there, email us and we will look into it.

There is a minimum of 1 bag which should hold about 150 containers. We also offer a reduced pick up service fee for large orders. Please check the app for details.

We prefer to have everything in a bag so it does not get lost. If you have the original box they came in, then you can leave them as is but just make sure it is tagged with your customer ID.  If you have loose beer/wine bottles, we suggest putting them into a bag so that your containers are not lost.

No. All Bottle Drives have 0% service fees and you get the full 100% refund from the Bottle Depot. We encourage organizations to sign up with us to have their organization show up on our app for a period of time (an open bottle drive) or schedule a regular bottle drive and we will provide a truck/trailer.  By signing up, you also are able to receive detailed receipts of what was counted.

Depot Express users can donate their pickups and drop offs to your cause all year long if you have set up an open bottle drive with us.

Our partnered Bottle Depots strive to count and credit your account within 48 hours. Once counted, you will recieve a notification that your account has been credited.

At Depot Express, we offer the lowest pick up fees than anyone else (Whats lower than FREE)! We also believe in transparency so we provide you with detailed receipts, history and e-Transfer records. We strive to credit your account with your refund within 2 days! We also offer Express Depot locations so you don’t have to travel far to drop off your empties and never have to wait in line at the Bottle Depot.

For pickups, other apps have you leave your bags outside unattended for almost the whole day without you knowing when they will be picked up. This could lead to theft of your containers. With Depot Express, we give you a shorter time frame for pick up and you will also get notified when we are on our way. We also offer multiple days to pickups instead of restricting you to only one day.

We are also huge believers in charities which is why we give a 100% refund, the full deposit value ($0.1 for 1L and under and $0.25 for over 1L), and will never charge any fees. Other similar services either charge a fee or do not give the full deposit value of your containers when you donate.

We require all users of Depot Express to create an account in order to use the app, kiosks, and send you an interac e-Transfer.

No, you do not need to use the app to use our service. You can register on our website and see the same information that you would on the app. The app provides additional features such as notifications which are not available on the web interface.

If you have auto deposit set up with your bank, your money will go directly into your account. The app still requires you to select a security question and answer but this will be bypassed by interac.


For all beverage containers that are registered and sold in Alberta, the Bottle Depot will refund you $0.10 for containers 1 litre and under and $0.25 for containers over 1 litre.

You will receive 100% refund on your containers and our service fees are the lowest in the city! Right now use code FREE for 0% service fee!

Businesses and charities have a 0% service fee!

Please note that all services charges are deducted from your refund. Please see our pricing page for details.

Yes there is a $1.50 fee from the bank applied for e-Transfers. This is deducted from your balance when you choose to redeem.

Pick Ups

You don’t have to be home, just place your bags in a secure location and add a note for the driver. Alternatively, you can use our Drop Off service.

Yes, we just need access the recycling area in your building to make the pickup as smooth as possible. You can also put a note on your pickup for the driver to call you when they are at your building and you can just bring them down.

We can’t guarantee a pickup time but if you put it in the notes section when you request a pickup, we will try our best to accommodate your request!

Yes, we do. We encourage businesses to use our services as they usually have high volume and no time to make it to a Bottle Depot. We do that for you and we offer this completely free! 0% fees and 100% refund!