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We love Charities and Fundraisers

We love the fact that Calgarians are so generous! There are so many good causes out there and we want to help them raise money. With Depot Express, you can donate to a charity or fundraising organization that we’ve partnered with. As we are just starting out, the list may be small at first but we hope to grow that list soon!

What happens if the Charity that you love to donate to is not on our list? We sugest asking your charity to sign up with us or you can reach out to us to let us know who they are and we can get in contact with them.

We don’t just have charities that partner with us, we also have local community organizations such as scouts, girl guides, and sports teams. We love helping out these organizations as we know that going to that tournament out of town or going on a wilderness retreat to gain that elusive badge costs money.

Bottle drives are a classic way to raise funds and we’ve brought that into the 21st century! Just contact us to set up your organization with a bottle drive and just like that everyone in your community can donate their bottles to you without you going door to door! We like to call that an open bottle drive :). All you need to do is spread the word! Want to have your bottle drive run for more than a day or weekend? No worries as you can choose how long it lasts.

Whether you drop off your containers at one of our kiosks or are scheduling a pickup, there will always be an option to donate to a charity or fundraiser!