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Why recycle with Depot Express?

You might ask yourself, why would I recycle with Depot Express? We asked ourselves that same question and it turned into who we are today.

We have noticed that people seem to have less and less time to do the things they really love doing. It is what has brought companies such as skip the dishes, uber eats, chefs plate, good food, etc. to come into peoples lives. Doing the dishes and cooking food takes time and can be a chore and these companies offer convenience.

Depot Express does the exact same thing with recycling. Taking your empty bottles and cans to a Bottle Depot is a chore and the average person takes 30-40 minutes to drive to a Bottle Depot, wait in line, wait again for the employee to count the containers, and then drive back home. That’s time that could be saved by using Depot Express’ pick up service.

When you go to a Bottle Depot, you have to haul the bags into your car. This is not the most pleasant of tasks especially if your bag has a hole in it and liquid starts to leak onto your seats. Then your car also starts to smell which takes some time to go away. Some people have to make frequent trips to the Bottle Depot because they don’t own a large vehicle. With gas expensive these days, some people just aren’t recycling anymore as it’s just not worth it for the $5 to $10. Depot Express makes it worthwhile as we would rather those containers get recycled than end up in the landfill.

Depot Express is a company that cares about the environment and we want to do everything we can to save the planet. Don’t make multiple trips a month to the Bottle Depot. Save your fuel, reduce the carbon emmissions from your vehicle, and save that precious time on the weekend. We like to think of Depot Express as the carpooling for empties ;).

The best thing about Depot Express is that we are the only company that offers this service for free for the first year we are operating. Other companies take a cut of your refund but if you use code FREE, you get to keep all of your money! There is no risk to trying us out!

We also love to help out charities and 100% of the donated amount goes towards the cause you choose. We provide the full deposit value ($0.1 and $0.25) unlike some other companies who don’t give the full deposit value to charities. We are always going to make sure charities get the full amount!