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Depot Express – The Bottle Depot that comes to you!

Skip the line when you drop off or have us come to you!

Why Use Depot Express?

Here Are Just A Few Reasons Why Depot Express Is The Best Compared To Our Competitors

We have two convenient options. Either drop off at one of our participating bottle depots or have us come to you! With our drop off option, there is no service fees. Other companies charge you 5% and up for dropping off. If you bring the containers to a bottle depot, we don’t think you should be paying!

Our pickup option also has 0% service fees using the promo code FREE which can be used multiple times instead of just once like our competitors. You are guaranteed to always get more money using Depot Express!

We have a $2 minimum to redeem your balance instead of a whopping $25 like our competitors. We make sure you can access your money right away instead of having to wait for your next pickup!

With Depot Express, there is no need to tip. We make sure our employees are paid a fair amount where tipping is not necessary. Other pickup services have implemented a tip option to pressure you into giving them more money.

Get your money right away! Once your money is in your account, we make sure that you are paid either the same day or the next day. Other services can take up to 1 week until you get your money

With Depot Express, we give you a small time frame for when we will come and pick up your bottles so you don’t have to worry all day about when we will come. We also send a notification when the driver is on their way to you so you know exactly when to expect us.

Our customer service is second to none. When you contact Depot Express, you will talk directly with the owner. No middle man and no automated phone service.

We won’t cancel on you! Our driver makes sure to do everything possible to contact you before we cancel a pickup. This means calling, knocking on the door and waiting up to 10 minutes before we cancel.

We love charities and fundraisers and there are no conditions to make sure that 100% of donated funds go towards your cause!

Our competitors make you jump through hoops like advertising for them on your website or posting about them on social media just to make sure you get all of your donated funds. We believe this is unnecesary.

Don’t want to wait up to 5 days to get your money after you’ve requested it? Us too! We know that getting money into your account fast is important which is why we’ve guranteed that you won’t wait more than 2 days before money is in your bank account!